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At Nzacksi Security we pride ourselves on excellent service levels and a smooth operating procedure. We feel that whether you are a resident in one of the estates or commercial properties we secure, you will benefit from this information.Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

We also have to consider that control rooms can either be local to the site it serves or remote to multiple sites, serving multiple customers. But what do we need to take into account when setting up these control rooms?

Control room layout

The control room design is another significant factor. This must meet the system’s customer requirements and size. This involves the operators ‘ seats, their workstations and the number of screens, whether to use a centrally managed video wall or individual monitored workstations. The latter is much more cost-effective but involves individual control of layouts, which in large control rooms can be hard.

Consider that there is a restriction on the quantity of video a person can watch effectively at any time. Some control rooms require operators to simultaneously monitor more than 64 cameras, not taking into consideration that most of the occurrences will be missed, as at the time the operator will focus on another camera. Rather focus on the important cameras and allow for alerts such as video pop-ups on areas that have less activity.

Control room staff

Even a multi-million Rand system will be pointless unless staff are effective in their field to monitor and use the system. Control room employees need to be well trained and qualified enough to understand the systems they are working on and to be able to read emergencies and alert to potential threats.

Too often the staff of the control room are simply’ screen watchers,’ without the ability to use the system functions before them. This normally results in poor or no reaction to events, and in many cases, more effort is put into monitoring the staff of the control room than is the actual system intended for man.

But what are key features that make a control room package more effective?

  1. A system with reliable alarm notifications or pop-ups giving the operator real-time video content as well as archived content to verify the reason for the alarm.
  2. A system that supports multiple user logins. It is important to be able to see which user was logged on at that time. In internal investigations, this is vital to determine who was responsible for failure to comply.
  3. A system that has the ability to define standard operating procedures per site or even per alarm type or region. These should be available to the operator at the time of the alarm activation.
  4. A system that allows reliable system backups. In the event of a system crash, where all customer site information is lost, you have to be able to restore the system information as soon as possible.

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    Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

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    Control Room Monitoring Cape Town