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If you have already decided to install a home security system, finding the right business is the problem now. Before we look at what you need to consider when selecting home security companies, it is essential to note that this not everybody you meet out there is genuine. Therefore, be advised. Security Companies Cape Town

To differentiate between a security company and an alarm company is what you need to understand. The fact that a company is manufacturing or repairing home security alarms does not qualify them as home security companies. The government must approve and license a security company.

So, here are 5 considerations to make when selecting a residential security company:

  1. Are your calls answered by real people? – That’s really crucial. Imagine you’re about five miles away at work and you’ve just been alerted to a break in your home on your smartphone! The first thing that comes to mind is calling your security company to let them know about the incident. Some companies want to keep clients on the line for several minutes or redirect them to automated machine responses. These are the types of companies you need to steer clear of.
  2. There should be NO delays in alarm alerts – How effective the alarm system is the other thing you need to consider. There’s an issue when there’s smoke in your home and the alarm waits for 10 minutes before sending an alert to the homeowner’s phone. Indeed, the building may already be on fire by the moment the alert comes on your phone. So, check to make sure that no previous alarm delay complaints have occurred from other clients served by that company.
  3. 24-hour monitoring – It is also crucial to choose a company that provides a local accredited central station with 24-hour surveillance. As residential security technology advances, so have burglars and other people who may want to break into your home. In surveillance, they can now monitor small “cracks” and make their moves when no one is watching. A local certified central station will guarantee that the surveillance does not contain such loopholes, thus ensuring full safety.
  4. Do they provide a free wellness inspection at least once a year? – Most security companies now offer this, so there’s no reason you should select a company that doesn’t. A wellness inspection simply looks at home’s general security, trying to uncover potential weak links in the security chain before they are found by a burglar. It should be done free of charge and carried out at least once every year.
  5. Lifetime warranty – Finally, always go for companies offering a lifetime warranty on their products because some will install in your home below-average alarms and give you a five-year warranty. Just say no and look somewhere else. In this age and time, you must not accept anything other than a lifetime warranty on home security systems. The good news is that there are many reliable companies out there offering exactly that.

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