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Advantages Of An Office Security System | Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

Whether Small, medium and large,  businesses come in all sizes. They all have related risks and liabilities. Protecting your business is essential as it is the livelihood of both owners and staff. Control Room Monitoring Cape Town

Having a security system is not a waste of money. In fact, it will save you money and give you peace of mind both in the long and short run. We look at the advantages of having quality security systems installed in your business premises.

  1. Helps With Insurance – If you already have a security system in your area of business, insurance companies will charge a lower premium than if you don’t have one. Especially if you are a small business or on a tight budget, this saves you cash. Some insurance companies insist on setting up a security system to qualify for insurance. Ensuring that your company gives the owner peace of mind as he/she can claim insurance if the company is affected by some unfortunate case.
  2. Prevents And Reduces Fraudulent Claims – Employees may require compensation for accidents in the workplace. Customers at your premises can claim compensation for injuries. Cases may be lodged for allegations of violence or even sexual harassment. The footage of the surveillance cameras will show whether the incident occurred, who was at fault and the incident’s seriousness. Having a security system brings down the number of fraudulent claims against your business.
  3. Brings Down The Incidents Of Theft – Theft is a common problem. Employees or clients may be engaged in theft. If theft is not perpetrated against then the individual involved will become more comfortable and commit the offence again or opt for larger-scale theft. Having surveillance cameras and signs informing all that there is a security system will deter folks from committing theft in the first place.
  4. Control Who Enters The Business Premises – If you want some individuals not to enter the premises or staff not to access certain places, the security system can deny access. You can also keep track of who was and at what time on your premises.

Business owners have a lot of business-related issues to worry about. A quality and reputed security system will take care of the security-related worries.

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