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A Guide To Keeping VIPs Safe | Body Guards Cape Town

In a world where celebrity is king, the security of VIPs has perhaps never been more vital. Whether it be the VIP security of a key politician in these times of conflict in key parts of the world or simply the security and safety of a celebrity pop star, close protection operatives have perhaps never been more in demand.Body Guards Cape Town

At Prime, we’ve collaborated with different clients from different countries and have a couple of advice on how, with a few easy precautions, some important preparation, and a versatile strategy, you too can all keep your principal safe.

Below are a few simple precautions and some important steps, to keep all your clients safe:

  • Preparation is essential to ensure the safety of any VIP irrespective of time constraints – the need to reduce risk begins minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months before the actual job.
  • For a close security operative, a versatile strategy is essential – it is difficult to schedule for any eventuality and it would be uncommon for a celebrity customer to allow you to dictate their every step, but a secure agreement can generally be discovered together.
  • A good team is vital and CPOs need to consider what profile they want to portray. VIP security has come a long way from the days of surrounding a client with “gorillas in suits.”
  • The risk should not be overestimated. You’ll be dealing with a nuisance in most celebrity security tasks – those looking for autographs or photos rather any harm threat so don’t over-react. An excessive close protection officer must justify any action they take.
  • Just as vital however is not to underestimate the threat and become complacent – it is all too easy to switch off when things are going well.
  • Don’t attempt to get too acquainted with your client– remember that it’s a professional connection. Instead, try to show confidence and professionalism and trust.
  • Remember what you are there to do. Too often, close protection operatives are taken into the job’s glamor and attached to the principal. A good VIP security team will be able to break from the focus and scan and evaluate the people in the crowd instead.
  • Be proud of your appearance and personal hygiene – the way you look (and smell) can have an enormous impact on your professional image.

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