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6 ways to secure your home | Security Solutions Cape Town

You can’t be too careful when it comes to defending your family and property, and there are many methods you can protect your house from invasion or burglary. Don’t let your home fall prey to a thief: make it a waste of his time and resources!Security Solutions Cape Town

Below are steps to take both inside and outside your home, and even ways to keep your home protected while you’re away.

  1. Get to know your neighbors – In tight-knit communities, crime appears to be smaller because residents are more inclined to watch out for each other and can readily find a stranger. In domestic crime prevention, your neighbors can be one of your greatest resources because they give extra eyes and an outside perspective. Moreover, if they have a different work or school schedule from yours, they may be around during the day you’re away and may alert you to any suspicious activity that might occur in your absence.
  2. Don’t label your personal keys or hide spares outside – If your keys are labeled and lost or stolen, you may be in great trouble, especially if your wallet is with your ID and email. And thieves understand how to look underpads and discover concealed keys in the gravel for false stones, so leave a spare with a trusted neighbor instead. 
  3. Lock your garage door and disconnect the automatic opener – This is an easy step to keep your home safe while away, but often forgotten. Garage gates appear to be impenetrable forces, so it is easy to ignore further measures to secure them. But if you’re going to be gone for a week and still don’t need the automatic lift, why don’t you disconnect it and add a simple additional security layer?
  4. Don’t advertise your trip – It’s pretty common for people to post all about their upcoming trip on social media, but avoid the urge. The more people who know your house will be empty, the more you open yourself up to the possibility of a break-in.
  5. Don’t be an easy target – The longer it takes to break into your house, the less probable it is that this will occur. Avoid anything that can make your house a simple target. Keep shrubs, trees and leaves cut back so there are no intruders ‘ hiding places and keep the entrance regions well lit. Be careful not to leave garage doors unlocked or open to advertising the contents stored within.
  6. Reinforce windows with safety glass or metal bars – It may seem like an extreme move, but to gain entry, burglars often crack a tiny window. Make it impossible for them to breakthrough by installing safety glass or by installing metal bars they can not push through. There are plenty of decorative alternatives for metal grills that can create both practical and aesthetically pleasing adaptation.

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