6 Important Duties Of a Security Guard Security Guard Service Cape Town

6 Important Duties Of a Security Guard | Security Guard Service Cape Town

With the crime rates touching sky high these days, those in law enforcement are being trained to respond and handle the unexpected violence breakouts. The security guards, on the other hand, are supposed to look out for danger at all the times and report any sort of suspicious activity to the authorities.Security Guard Service Cape Town

Every duty that the security guards perform is aimed at the one and only purpose of preventing crime. All the technology, experience and expertise they are equipped with are directed towards assuring a safe and secure environment for people.

Keep reading further to understand the job duties of security guards in detail –

  1. To Make Themselves Clearly Visible – It is the responsibility of security guards to make themselves highly visible on the location of duty. The chances of burglars, shoplifters, or other criminals creating a nuisance automatically get reduced when they see the security guards walking around on duty.
  2. To Be Alert and Observant – The security guards are supposed to be highly observant and look out for any unusual things happening that can cause harm to anyone around. They should have a keen sense of observation and the ability to detect strange sounds and smell. Moreover, they need to be smart enough to interpret what they observe and take actions accordingly.
  3. To Respond to Situations Quickly – The security guards are not meant to only sense the acts of crime but should also skilled enough to deter it. It is crucial for security guards to be on high alert every moment and never be negligent in their approach. The police officers might reach the crime scene a bit late but the way the guards respond to that situation until then can matter a lot.
  4. To Report to Authorities and Ask for Help – When the security guards aren’t equipped to handle certain situations, it is their duty to contact the concerned authorities at the earliest and ask for help. Even when the crisis is handled effectively by law enforcement officers, the security guards should keep a vigilant eye to avoid such a scene to happen again.
  5. To Ensure Rule Compliance – The security guards might be required to maintain certain policies and level of discipline among the people. It can be either checking the id cards of the guests or ensuring they asked for appointments before visiting. Whatever it is, the guards have to ensure that all the rules laid down by their employers are duly complied with.
  6. To Handle Large Crowd – Security guards are also deployed at large scale events where the gathering is huge. They maintain the safety of people in political rallies, religious ceremonies and other campaigns where there are chances of stampedes, riots or other life-threatening consequences. The security guards may be given an additional duty of receiving visitors and guests at the entrance and escort them to their way as well. However, this requires them to have an appealing and friendly personality.

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