Tips on Meeting Security and Site Protection - Events Security Cape Town

5 Tips on Meeting Security and Site Protection – Events Security Cape Town

Conferences, meetings, and tradeshows can be a great way for organizations to showcase themselves to the public, discuss important issues, and boost employee morale. However, high profile events can present operational and reputational risks if they are not conducted effectively. Events Security Cape Town

In particular, security issues can hamper operations and challenge event organizers. Unless deftly handled, these issues could result in incidents that prove both embarrassing and expensive to the hosting company.

To provide more clarification on security’s role in event planning, we have 5 tips on event security and site protection. This information should provide non-security personnel with an overview of event security planning.

1: Venue Selection

One of the most important tenets of meeting and conference security is the involvement of security personnel from the start of the event planning process. This is especially true when it comes time for an organization to select a venue.

Involvement in the early stages also gives security personnel an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the site and identify any resources, such as floor space or rooms, that will need to be reserved for security purposes.

2: Proprietary Information Planning

Another core tenet of conference and meeting security is the identification of sensitive or proprietary information that will be disclosed during the course of the event.

Once this determination is made, security personnel can construct plans to protect this data. Additionally, they will be able to provide guidance on the transportation and storage of sensitive materials and designate secure meeting areas for sensitive discussions.

3: Access Controls

Another fundamental component of site protection is the development of access controls. At the site itself, security will control physical access by designating points of entry/exit and manning these points appropriately.

This will allow security personnel to prevent unauthorized access and help identify any event “crashers.” Safety can help ensure that visitors have the correct level of access and that space can be compartmentalized according to the level of access.

4: Transportation, Logistics, and Emergency Planning

It is important to note that comprehensive conference security is not limited to the event site itself. Security personnel should be involved in coordinating transportation to and from the venue.

Additionally, security may determine if VIPs require special vehicle access or foot escort. This is because VIPs are often at there most vulnerable when travelling to and from a well-publicized event. Finally, the security staff will develop contingency and emergency plans. This often involves identifying the police, fire, rescue, and medical resources in the area so that they may be quickly called upon in the event of an emergency.

5: After-Action Reviews

One of the most important, but often overlooked, components of conference security and site protection is the after-action review. These reviews are held after the completion of a conference, meeting, or event and should be attended by all of the event organizers. One of the major benefits of these reviews is that they can be used to discuss challenges and target areas for future improvement.

For example, during an after-action review event organizers may report incidents such as suspicious behaviour, the loss of sensitive material, or access to an unauthorized area. During the review, these issues can be fleshed out in detail as a group and follow on plans developed.

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